Treating Campylobacter

Campylobacter Treatment


Infection from Campylobacter bacteria is far from being fun but it is not a dangerous disaese if you are an adult. For infants that are not older then one year it can be harmful and it can create other complications. A Campylobacter bacteria is related to a food poisoning. It is caused by toxins that are made by Campylobacter bacteria. This infection envolves the most on places with poor economic development, bad sanitation system and low hygiene standards.



You can get infected by Campylobacter bacterie by things you do every day, if you are not carefull enough. The main source of Campylobacter are the animals such as cattle, chickens and goats. Even your pets can get infected by Campylobacter bacterie. The most common way of Campylobacter infection is by eating meat that has not been prepared or cooked properly. Meat needs to be cooked thoroughly until it is cooked both sides and in the middle. Always check if your meat is cooked in the middle, do not eat it if it is not. If you are boiling the meat make sure that the water is boiled and left boiling for a certain period. This will destroy any bacteria and therefore Campylobacter bacteria also. Storing your meat is very important as well, it needs to be stored in a right temperature controled refrigerator and always clean the surrface on which you prepare meat for cooking.  Buy meat only at the butcheries you are well known to and to whom you trust. The Campylobacter bacterie does not always come from meat. It is carried through your pets as well.You can get Campylobacter bacterie if you drink contaminated water from a lake or a river.  Milk can also carry a Campylobacter bacterie if its unprocessed and raw milk. Therefore always boil your milk if it is not a commercial processed milk. Food with overdue expiration date is also safe heaven for Campylobacter bacteria so always check it on every product. The fast food stands on the streets as well as many restaurants are a Campylobacter bacteria playground. The public transportation is full of bacteries and be sure that Campylobacter is one of them. Always wash your fruits and vegetables and if possible peel them. If you travel, check for the reviews on restaurants and other places where you can eat. The reviews are most helpful when you do not know which place is good. The most important thing of all is to wash and dry your hands after every activity. Higyene is an essence to health and to Campylobacter illness.



If you still manage to get infected by Campylobacter bacterie then there are few things you need to go through. The Campylobacter is not a dangerous illness and it can be treated at home. Only if you get severe symptoms of dyarrhoea and vomitting and its amount is more then six times in 24 hours then you need to seek medical atention.  First of all you need to call your boss, teacher or any other group you are in daily contact too and report your illness because you will get better faster if you rest. Cancel all of your hard physical activities. Campylobacter bacterie causes tiredness and weakness so you cannot do any hard work. Adults working with groups that are vurnable to infections ( babies, eldery people or medical patients ). Children need to be kept away from a groups of other children and playgrounds until they are feeling better. If you are not sure that you have Campylobacter infection then you need to ask for a advice from a medican personel.

Ask for medical attention for children


You should ask for medical attention if your child is six months old or younger, if there is any hart issues or kidney probles and if was born prematurely. Also a medical attention is needed if there is a high fever, dehydration, vomiting,  as well if your child is showing sings of confusion and abdominal pain.  Both diarrhoea and vomitting can sometimes contain blood, if that is the cake seek medical attention for your child.

Ask for medical attention for adults

As an adult you can recognize if you are seriously ill or it is something that will end soon. The same symptoms that are stated above apply with adults too, such as: if your vomit and diarrhoea contains blood and if it is watery, if you have strong headackes when you look at the light source, if you have abdominal pain, if you have history of heart issuees,  diabetes, kidney disease or epilepsy. If you have fever and its persisting and high, if you traveled lately or if your condition is not getting any better then you should visit a doctor and ask for medical attention.

Home treatment


If you or your child dont have the symptoms that for which you would ask for medical attention then there are things you can do for you or for your child at home. Best way to treat Campylobacter bacteria is by taking a lot of fluids ( to treat or to prevent dehydration ), eat normaly, medication.  Since the diarrhoea is the main symptom of Campylobacter, along with vomiting, during that process you lose a lot of fluid which you need to compensate. Therefore it is very important to drink a lot of water, tea and do not drink any kind of soda or juices. Avoid coffee because it can make diarhea worse.  Ask your doctor by advice on rehydration drinks which contain a lot of minerals that your body loses during the diarrhoea and vomiting.  Another important thing during the Campylobacter bacteria infection is to eat normally. Solid food is not recommended but rather liquid food such as soups. Do not eat or drink too much at once, do it slowly and if you vomit, wait few minutes and then try again. Eat a lot of fruits which are rich with vitamins and avoid bananas.  For babies, both breast fed or bottle fed babies it is important to keep feding them if they accept it, if not then rehydration drinks are essential.  Medication is not necessary but there are medicine if you are suffering from abdominal pains or high fever. In this care Ibuprofen and Paracetamol can do the trick.  If you are traveling somewhere of you have an important meeting then you should take Loperamide, it is medicine that will slow down your diarrhoea. But if this is the case then you should try to postpone your flight or to cancel your meeting. Before taking any of these medications you should ask your doctor for any implications this might cause or if you are alergic to any of them. Another important thing is to keep your hygiene up to the perfection during Campylobacter infection.

Keep others healthy


You should keep away from any direct contact with other people and that way avoid getting them sick as well. Best way to do so is to avoid going into large groups of people or groups such as infants, babies, hospitals, or groups of eldery people. Wash and dry your hands with soap and other hand care products. Always use warm water. Do not use someone elses towel and keep your towels away. Stay away from food you are sharing with others and avoid touching it. Try to keep toilet clean every time diarrhoea or vomiting occurs. Change your clothes often and wash them right away. Often change your bed sheets. Do not share your water bottle or any other bottle. Be responsible.