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Campylobacter is a bacterium that can cause disease in children and even adults. It will ruin the intestines, which can cause the intestines to bleed.

Campylobacter is known to be a member of a group of microorganism, which can sometimes cause illnesses to a person. But there are also some bacteria that are good for the body, as it makes the body immune to certain kind of diseases. One of the bacteria that can cause illness to a person is the Campylobacter, which is known to be the number one cause of enteritis bacteria. For people who don’t know, Campylobacter is a bowel inflammation or more popularly known as diarrhea. Typically young adults and children are more prone people to experience Campylobacter, since they don’t actually have a well built immune system during that time of their lives.

Children are one of the most prone individuals when it comes to Campylobacter because of the immune system that they have. As you all know they are just in the process of building their own immune system, which is why any food or beverage with Campylobacter that they will touch can surely put them at risk.

 Where Does Campylobacter Come From

Campylobacter usually comes from the feces of animals that are contaminated, especially dairy and poultry ones. If the Campylobacter spreads from water, meat and to other dairy products it will instantly spread to people who have eaten or prepared those foods. The most typical contamination of Campylobacter occurs in milks that are raw because they are not being processed before distributing them to the consumers. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration is, it advisable for people to be incubated for two to five days after eating or drinking a Campylobacter infected food or water.

 Symptoms of Campylobacter

Campylobacter has a lot of symptoms that an infected person may experience on the onset of the infection itself. The usual symptoms are fever, diarrhea and cramping of the abdomen. A person who is experiencing diarrhea due to Campylobacter  may have stools that are loose to severe, which can occur from two to four times every day. Some may experience blood in their stools for a maximum of fifteen times every day.

Some of the symptoms of Campylobacter also include pain in the muscles and headache, which will make a person to stay in bed the entire time of infection. A person who is suffering from Campylobacter may experience dehydration due to diarrhea, which can put a danger especially to the young ones. So it is always advisable to drink plenty of fluids to avoid experiencing dehydration from Campylobacter, which can only make the illness of the person worse.

 Complications of Campylobacter

People who experience complications from Campylobacter are not common, but it is not impossible either. There are people who are experiencing Campylobacter complications that are for long term, such as the syndrome of Guillain barre which damages the nerves that can make a person paralyzed, and arthritis due to the inflammation of the joint. According to the CDCP or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Campylobacter may cause infections of the system such as infection in the blood, lining of the brain, the lining of the heart and the gallbladder as well. The mentioned health complications of Campylobacter above are usually more common to older people, and to people who have allowed immune system due to cancer or HIV.

 On the Onset of the Campylobacter Infection

Now if you suspect yourself or someone you know who is infected with Campylobacter, it is important to immediately call a physician to prevent the infection from worsening. Your physician will also give you the right medications and the things that you can do to treat the Campylobacter infection away. Always avoid self medicating as this will only make things worse, because you don’t really know what to take when this bacteria starts to spread in your body. That is why consulting your physician immediately is definitely the most ideal thing to do at the onset of Campylobacter.

 Campylobacter Treatments

People who have Campylobacter may have cleared the infection for a maximum of ten days without undergoing any treatments at all. There are some people who take antibiotics to lessen the Campylobacter infection’s duration, but there are some reported cases that the infection’s resistance is increasing when taking antibiotic. This is the reason why a lot of doctors avoid prescribing certain antibiotics to patients who have severe cases of Campylobacter.

Now for people who are feeling a bit better after the onset of Campylobacter, it is advisable for them to slowly eat foods that are solid. They need to start eating foods that are low in fat such as bananas, applesauce, toasts and rice. They can return to their usual meals after three consecutive days, for the Campylobacter symptoms to totally disappear. They need to make sure that all the symptoms of Campylobacter are gone before eating foods that are spicy and drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages.

 Preventing Campylobacter from Invading Your Body

It is advisable that when cooking any poultry products, people should make sure that it is cooked well in a hundred sixty five degrees temperature. This will kill the bacteria of Campylobacter that are residing in the poultry meat. Now if you’re the one preparing the food, it is advisable to wash thoroughly your hand to avoid contamination of the Campylobacter. This will prevent the Campylobacter spread from one person to another.

Water and milks that are raw should be processed first as they may also contain Campylobacter. Lastly, for people who are pet owners it is advisable for them to thoroughly clean their hands with soap and water after cleaning the feces of their pets.

 Avoiding Food Contamination of Campylobacter

For people who often have left over foods, it is advisable to make sure to immediately store the food in their fridges to avoid contamination. Some people are used to letting the leftover food cool down, before putting it inside the fridge. This is certainly a bad practice, as this will only make the food prone to bacteria such as to Campylobacter.

For vegetables and fruits, it is advisable that cleaning them thoroughly is ideal before eating them. People often peel fruits in advance and this is not a good practice at all. The reason behind this is because Campylobacter can build up in the layers of the fruits, which in return can become contaminated with bacteria. This can cause the person to get sick and experience symptoms that are light to severe.

It is always important to practice the right food preparation and processing of dairy products to avoid contaminating them with the Campylobacter. As you all know the Campylobacter can invade even the cleanest food and beverages that you have, especially when stored in a wrong way.

These are some of the important information about Campylobacter that people should be aware about. People, who are not familiar with what this Campylobacter is all about, and how it can spread to the body, are the ones who are prone to infection. That is why letting everyone know about Campylobacter is ideal, for them to know how to prevent the Campylobacter from invading their systems.

Now that you have read everything about Campylobacter, it is now time for you to start practicing these tips to avoid Campylobacter. Remember to make sure that everything is well cooked and cleaned before eating these foods and drinking dairy products. Lastly, don’t forget to thoroughly clean your hands with water and soap to make sure that no food contamination or Campylobacter spreading will happen to you or to your family. Making sure that these things are done when preparing food is essential, to avoid Campylobacter.